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ULV 4 Senate

ULV, the Association of Scientists and Lecturers at Austrian Universities

Liste ULV – Universität gemeinsam neu gestalten

The elections to the Senate of our University will take place on Thursday, May 16th, 2019.
The Senate is one of the three governing bodies of the university and consists of nine full professors, four persons of the faculties representing the scientific staff, four students and one person of the administrative staff.

The Senate decides on issues like curricula, search committees and habilitations.

  • We would like to ask your support and participation.
  • We aim for a university with social responsibility.
  • We claim participation, co-determination and joint responsibility.

Our Team

  1. Elizabeta Jenko, PhilCult
  2. Katharina Pallitsch, Chemistry
  3. Kaspar Lebloch, Computer Science
  4. Viktor Forian-Szabo, PhilCult
  5. Irene Klissenbauer, CathTheo
  6. Clemens Bernsteiner, Social Sciences
  7. Lydia Miklautsch, PhilCult
  8. Manfred Dorninger, Earth-Sciences
  9. Michaela Schaffhauser-Linzatti, Business
  10. Paul Winkler, Physics
  11. Petra Rust, Life Sciences
  12. Gerald Kohl Law
  13. Elisabeth Goldarbeiter.Liskar, HistCult
  14. Emmerich Kelih, PhilCult
  15. Dominique Bauer, Social Sciences
  16. Gert Bachmann, Life Sciences

More Information about the Team of the ULV and about the agenda of the ULV.

Empower yourself! Vote for Liste ULV – Universität gemeinsam neu gestalten!

May the 16th, 2019
8.00-13.00, Senatssaal (Senate Chamber), University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1
14.30 to 17.30, UZA II, Universitätszentrum 1090, Althanstrasse 14, Room 2A283

All scientific employees are entitled to vote! (everybody with an active contract starting at least on April 2nd, 2019)
This includes all tutors, assistents, scientific project staff, lecturers and senior lecturers, prae- and postdocs, senior scientists, tenure tracks, as well as ao., ass. and associate professors!

The ULV regularely publishes information about the situation on universities in its ULVnetinfo (German).
If you want to get the ULVnetinfo on a regular basis please contact elizabeta.jenko at

See You on May 16th!

Elizabeta, Katharina, Kaspar, Viktor, Irene, Clemens, Lydia, Manfred, Michaela, Paul, Petra, Gerald, Elisabeth, Emmerich, Dominique, Gert

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